The Sputnik V vaccine – Trip to Russia

Trip to Russia for rupee. 1.29 lakh with 2 Sputnik V jabs, vaccine tourism

Vaccine tourism off in India with a package to Russia

Coronavirus pandemic hit the tourism world so hard, to say it wreaked an unprecedented amount of devastation would be an understatement. it thoroughly changes the way we lived. The tourism industry suffered the burnt of it the most as international borders closed, and travelling around the world become a faraway dream of many.

Vaccine Tourism Takes Indians To Russia

Vaccine drives are in full swing in the country and may other nations, a new form of tourism has sprung up. Growing demand for overseas vaccine tourism is coming up fast in India, and it seems, we all are craving for travel to different countries, currently, Russia is the destination of choice. which is popular these days. Yes, you read the right.

A Dubai based travel agency has started offering a 24-day package tour from Delhi to Moscow. Under it, they will take you to Russia, offer them two shots of the sputnik V vaccines, along with the certificates. A 20-day sightseeing package is also included for travellers to spend the interval between the jabs. The package is worth rupee 1.29 lakh and will cover everything, including the cost of getting the vaccines. All things are in one place.

According to the agency, people are very interested in getting their hands on the package. The batch that is supposed to leave for may 29 is fully booked with 28 passengers. The next batch will leave on June 7 and June 15 2021.

so what are you waiting for Travelers, Grab the opportunity and start travel again.

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