Gudauri View Point – Friendship Monument

Gudauri viewpoint is the most attractive, coolest and mesmerizing place located in Gudauri to the Kaazbegi (Russia border).

Gudauri View Point

Gudauri official named as the Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument, this place has been installed back in 1983, Georgian was regularly invaded by Persians and ottomas so the kingdom of Georgia signed a treaty with Russia to become its protectorate in case of any trouble.

The massive round “Friendship” monument is to celebrate that contract and its a famous for ski. It is situated on the Georgian Military Highway between Gudauri, which is consider the best ski resort in Georgia now.

Colored mural depicts

You will see Inside the cylinder monument, a vibrantly colored mural depicts heavily stylized senses from Georgian and Russian histories. The stone archways open up to Devil’s and offers an idyllic view for visitors, even if the name is potentially misleading.

to be continued…….

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