Chronic Place New Treks: J&K to Introduce Trekking Routes

I know how much you guys show so much love for trekking and wildlife. so here I come up with this very unexplored place by us. Yes! good news is coming on the way from Kashmir for wildlife, adventure and nature lovers.

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The Jammu and Kashmir administration has just announced to develop seven new trekking routes in different wildlife protected regions. this is being done to promote sustainable tourism in the valley. It also said that new rest houses and inspections huts would also be developed here for tourists and wildlife lovers, and or will be a major push to eco-tourism in the region without disturbing the ecological balance.

Here are the seven new trekking routes, following regions have been chosen:

  • Sudhmahadev Conservation Reserve
  • Thajwas Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bahu Conservation Reserve
  • Tral Wildlife Sanctuary Dachigam National Park Overa Aur Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Thein Wildlife Conservation Reserve
  • Khrew Wildlife Conservation Reserve Dachigam National Park Khonmoh Conservation Reserve
  • Khrew Wildlife Conservation Reserve

Those who are planning to visit Jammu and Kashmir will soon be able to explore the valley more closely with these new trekking routes while enjoying their stay at a picturesque place surrounded by nature.

Online booking of 29 forest rest house and inspection huts would also be open from May 1, 2021. The Forest, Ecology and Environment department has been asked to book rest houses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Another batch of 58 rest houses and huts will be made available for booking online from July 1, 2021.


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