UAE become the first Middle East country to entre Mars Orbit

UAE become the first Middle East country to entre Mar’s orbit

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) had added a golden name to its cap by becoming the first Arab country to reach Mars. Mission official confirmed the news by informing the world that UAE’s Hope probe successfully entered Mars’ orbit on Monday. The UAE has created space history by entering the Red planet.

UAE Prime Minister and Dubai’s ruler, sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Said, “Fifty percent of mission that tired before us were not able to entre orbit”. He also said that even if the probe does not entre orbit, “we have entered history “.

Omran sharaf, the mission’s project manager said, “To the people of the UAE, to the Arab and Muslim nations, we announce the successful arrival to mars orbit. Praise be to God”

Last year in July, the UAE, China and the US launched their Mars mission, taking advantage of the period when the Earth is closest to Mars. The venture also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the unification of the UAE’s Seven emirates.

A celebration of a sort has been taking place in the country since then. All the iconic attractions across the country have been lit up in red to mark the historic day. Not only this, all the government accounts including police patrol cars were seen roaming with #ArabstoMars hashtag.

Mission officials said that hope started a 27-minute burn to slow itself and was pulled in by the gravity at Mars which was the most challenging part. As of now, the probe will rotate and fire six powerful thrusters, which will down its speed from 121000km per hour to about 18000km per hour.

Apparently, this is the farthest point in the universe that any Middle East nation has reached in history.

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