Best six Friendly Countries for Women Solo Travelers

We explore these countries on the basis of these eight parameters – Safe at night – to walk alone on streets, International homicide of women, Non partner sexual violence, Intimate partner violence, Global gender gap, Gender inequality index, Legal discrimination, Violence against women attitude.

If you are a solo women traveler, we plan a bucket list for you, must for every woman solo traveler.



The only land of midnight sun and northern lights, Finland is the ideal destination for nature lovers. The largest wooden reserve and multiple wild areas, including the region in Europe with the maximum number of lakes.

Safe – Finland is ranked number one in terms of safety for solo travelers and it marked it-self on top in terms of women travelers.  



Located in Europe, Switzerland is much more than great valleys. It has a vast area to explore and variety of mesmerizing views landscape that fade into breathtaking natural one.

Safe –  Switzerland is the seventh most beautiful and peaceful country in the world, safe country for women and Europe’s safest place for solo women traveler.


Canada is known as the wide range of landscapes, including centuries old forests, snowscapes mountain, country-sides and lakes. Their cities also have a special charm and a multicultural touch, it is definitely worth the trip for you to visit solo.

Safe – Countries in America, Canada is considered the safest destination for solo women travelers.


The smallest country, situated right next to Brazil and a very charming place with extremely loving and welcoming people. You can enjoy the beaches that create a wonder when sun is set. Mostly you will find resort, beaches, mountains, full of historic and quite places.

Safe – Uruguay has the lowest crime rate in the America for women wanting to visit south America, Uruguay is the safest.

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Belgium is known as the mandate destination in Europe. The country is the real heart/gem, with many historic sites, excellent infrastructure and many places to explore.

Safe – Belgium is popular for study programs and rank the tenth for the best countries for women solo travelers.


Austria is almost a perfect country for women solo travelers. Austrians enjoy some of the best quality life in Europe. What’s more the country has some extraordinary landscape, you will find snow-capped mountains peaks, lavish green forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

Safe – Austria rank number fourth of the safe countries for women traveling solo.

As I always say –  Happy Traveling and Stay Safe!!!


  1. The countries mention is the blog are very beautiful ones . I will be waiting for individual blog on each countries about places to visit especially about Northern lights

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