Presenting One Day tour from Delhi by Road

Living in Delhi or Delhi NCR is the best part, so, you can pack your bags on every weekday or weekend and spend the day in some nearby destinations to enjoy to the fullest and feel relaxed at the same time, and back to your bed on the same day for that good sleep. 

If you are looking for a one-day trip from Delhi to so many places on weekends, and explore cities, towns and hill stations then you must add this in your bucket list, as mentioned below.

  1. Murthal
  2. Damdama Lake
  3. Badkhal Lake
  4. Nuh
  5. Noor Mahal, Karnal
  6. Neemrana Fort Place
  7. Sariska National Park, Alwar
  8. Wild Dhauj Camp
  9. Morni
  10. Bharatpur
  1. Murthal

If we are talking about nearby places from Delhi, the very first place that comes in mind is Murthal. Murthal is well known for paratha and It is especially meant the foodies; the ambience of the restaurant will cheer you up for sure. Here you will see many varieties of parathas and lassies. A must visit place.

Distance from Delhi–  45.2km

Time –  1hr 26min (Approx.)

  • Damdama Lake

If you want yourself surrounded by lakes, some greenery and want to relax over the weekend. This place is perfect and you will enjoy boating along with outdoor activities and the best part is adventure sports like trekking, hiking and much more. Must to explore.

Distance – 57.9 km

Time – 1hr 33min (Approx.)

  • Badkhal Lake

Are you a bird lover? If yes, then you can’t miss visiting Badkhal lake. You will see a wide range of birds. You will able to do is kayaking and trekking.

Distance –  51.3 km

Time – 1hr 19min(Approx.)

  • Nuh

Here you explore the historical town in Haryana, Nuh. You will see several historical structures and ruins. With carving on the red sandstone and grey quartzite, the architectural marvel of that place can be seen in its shaking moment.

Distance – 86.3 km

Time – 2hr 2min (Approx.)

  • Noor Mahal, Karnal

History buffs, you will love this place by heart. You will experience the royalty blended with the skilled craftsmanship, this place has now converted into five-star hotel, a plus mark to visit this place.

Distance –  123.7 km

Time – 2hr 45 min (Approx.)

  • Neemrana Fort Place

Neemrana is a charming/ exquisite place to spend some quality time with your partner. This place has a beautiful resort that will take your breath away and some amazing adventure activities like Zip lining will make your day, more mesmerizing and memorable forever.

Distance – 128.8 km

Time – 2hr 51min (Approx.)

  • Sariska National Park, Alwar

Sariska National Park is among the most visited parks located in Alwar area of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Surprise yourself while experiencing the safari adventure, with full of the tiger reserve and other animals.

Distance –  203.6 km

Time –  4hr 19min (Approx.)

  • Wild Dhauj Camp

A perfect day tour from Delhi by car or motorbike to Wild Dhauj Camp. Here you will see adventure like Trekking, rappelling, monkey crawling, wall climbing can be experienced at this place. If you want more then you can go for the adrenaline rush, you can try zorbing and mountain biking.

Distance – 55.6 km

Time – 1hr 41min (Approx.)

  • Morni

One of the nearest hill station from Delhi, where you can take your soul from hassle basal or city life to enjoy your selves. The dense forest pristine lake, lush greenery will certainly help you get that peaceful environment. You can try cycling, trekking and boating here.

Distance –  255.8 km

Time – 5hr 13min (Approx.)

  1.  Bharatpur

The best and absolute getaway from Delhi is here Bharatpur. Here you can spend time amidst nature and birds. You can also spot turtles in the pond adjacent to the temple.

Distance – 220.4 km

Time – 3hr 55min (Approx.)

As I always say – Happy Travelling and Stay Safe!!!


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