Tips and Tricks you must be followed While Planning Your Trip


It’s okay to watch someone’s stories, videos and think that you are there? Is there enough. No, your journey became much more than this. Imagine you are exploring new places, witness such spectacular views, meet people and see their culture, festival colors, languages and more. Nowadays travel restriction has brought relieve too many countries isn’t it great.

One you can pack your bags, start traveling and complete your bucket list However, it is mandatory to know that even though travel is permissible again, COVID -19 is still in the air

Since it’s a National Tourism Day here are some Tips &Tricks to making your journey easier.

Tips and tricks.

1.      Guidelines to Follow– States and Countries are now open for tourism and issue new guidelines that followed while entering and exiting destinations. Some guideline have requests for home quarantine, other request COVID -19 certificate, etc. Follow the criterion to ensure that your journey is safe easy without any hurdles.


2.      Must Carry Essentials – Proper hygiene is more significance essential nowadays especially during travel. Carry all essentials with you requires for safety, like hand sanitizer, face mask, alcohol wipes, pair of gloves, medicines. Use some disposable items such as toothpicks for press buttons or in elevators for zero contact, after using disposable curries carefully. Ensure that all the documents are in order and covered in plastic holder that can be cleaned.


3.      Travel and Medical History – Best to take all the necessary medical certificates or documents with you, just in case if immigration officer ask for more details keep it with you during travel. The same for travel history. As most countries are hesitant of letting tourists who might be carrying the virus into their most populated places.


4.      Travel Insurance – Getting travel insurance id a good trick, Coronavirus or not. Being in an unfamiliar place, facing untoward can happen to even the most experienced person. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has not deterred many con artists and robbers that might upend your travel plans, in these circumstances having insurance might save you a lot of hassle and worry.


5.      Research about Places – Best key to having a safe and comfortable trip is information from reliable sources. Most of the destination having their own websites to know all the specific details about accommodation, activities, corontine days and locals. There are a lot of websites and portals where you get all the information. The more you know about your destination then less you faced troubles.


6.      Pre plan your destination – It is a proper deal to have your entire trip, stay, activates, food and visit in locals, well in advance. Especially with the complication of CORONA, having a proof plans can help you in the worst situations. It is also advisable to give a detailed description to your family and friends, to ensure that they know of your travel movements and can contact the authorities in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


 Start traveling without any fear, grow yourself and live fullest as you can As I always says and Believe – “This is the time never comes back so pack your bags and start exploring”.



HappyTraveling and Stay Safe!!!

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