Dear Parent: Why we want to travel solo

 Traveling is the way to make us alive and helps you grow as a person. It helps you to do the thing in different and creative ways along with changing your daily routine. When you start traveling and step out from your comfort zone, you get to meet people of different cultures following different traditions, from various parts of the world, along with many more things you don’t even think which makes you more responsible and independent. 


Dear Parents let us travel solo to become a more rounded person, to live life as it comes, to “find our self” and all this new age stuff.

Why travel is so important :

Educates you

Traveling indeed is the best form of education that couldn’t be learned by seeing television or by reading any book. Almost everyone agrees that life’s real education happens outside our walls. Traveling teaches us so many lessons that you won’t receive sitting in a room on a hard chair. There are endless things to see, you do not just learn about new places, listen to new languages, eat various types of cuisine. You also learn to relate with people living in different parts of the world that may look and live very much different from you.

A Medically Proven Stress Buster

The most obvious and potentially most important health benefit of traveling is stress reduction. Traveling has the ability to take you out of our daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences and this can reset your body and mind. Even planning a trip can have a fantastic effect on the body – it boosts happiness and feels rewarding. It keeps the mind sharp, increases creativity and helps with personal growth.

Bye Bye Fears!

Whenever I talk to people about long-term travel, so many tell me they wish they could do what I do. They tell me all their travel dreams and grand plans then when asked why they don’t pursue them, they come up with a plethora of excuses, like not being able to afford it, leaving behind too many responsibilities at home, feeling lonely in the journey, being afraid of the uncertainty, and what not!

With all that fear, it’s much easier to stay at home in our comfort zones than to break out and travel. It’s a big thing to step out your door, away from your safety net, and into the known. You may want to but the devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t.


Enhance your personality

Each journey brings something innovative which opens you to find your strengths, weakness, morals, values etc. This helps you to learn things about yourself, other people and other places. Sometimes traveling presents you with challenges and opportunities in a way that makes you a stronger person, leading to being a better version of yourself. It also offers you an unparalleled opportunity to reinvent and discover who you really are.

Break the Barrier of Language

Language is never a barrier. In every country, there is a small % of people who knows your language you need to get prepared some basic of the country before going anywhere. Although, learning a few basic sentences which will help you in every situation. Things like, “Where is the toilet?”, “I need a taxi”, and “Where is the bus station?”, “I want a single/return ticket” and so on, always come in handy. Of course, “please” and “thank you” also go a long way when you’re seeking help from locals. Remember that a few basic sentences can save you.

Make new friends

Establishing connections and building a network overseas is one of the smartest things you can do in today’s era. Traveling is a way it helps us to build friendships and connections with people from various places across the world and enriching part of traveling. We may meet with people for one day but we do appreciate these people for a lifetime whenever the memories are revived. Also, Meeting new people and adapting to new situations makes one more globally and culturally aware.

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You will be rejuvenated

The relaxation and the fun that you enjoy during your travel rejuvenates you for taking up your challenging routine. Indulging in some leisure and sports activities like white-water rafting, sightseeing or beach volleyball will instill the youth back in you. Now you notice that there is no need for your irrational fears. This world is enormous, and a million wonders wait for you to discover them. Don’t get paralyzed by fear.

There is no exact way to tackle and move through stages of development. Everyone requires different parenting as every parent will do his best based on knowledge, experiences, and available parenting tools. Start traveling without any fear, grow yourself and live fullest as you can.

Happy Traveling and Stay Safe!!!

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