Post-Lockdown, Safe Places to visit

As the airlines start flying and hotels getting ready to welcome their guests. Once the current situation and lockdown are about to over, there will be an understandable fear of travelling to crowded places.
We have created a list of places that offer relatively less crowded spots for tourists to enjoy a holiday once COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted. These places are that have had low or no exposure to coronavirus
Even though the visitors, as well as the businesses, are desperately waiting to travel, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the Standard Operation Procedures for the Tourism and Hospitality sector and different quarantine rules for different states. Some states have mandated tourists to carry COVID19 negative test others are asking tourists to go in for 7- 21 days mandatory quarantine even if they want to visit just for a few days. All this is making the travellers and businesses jittery to return to the new normal.  
Atali, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand is open for travel again but with rules on minimum stay, quarantine. The holy town of Rishikesh has been the undisputed Yoga capital of the world since ancient times and has been attracting people seeking spirituality from all parts of the world. In addition to its spiritual appeal, Rishikesh has earned another tag in the last one and a half-decade – being the Rafting Capital! The shores of Ganga are hemmed with camps and retreat-like resorts that offer a host of adventure and spiritual activities.
Butter Fly Beach, Goa

Goa has a huge number of tourists to its sandy shores every year, so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, the lesser-known Butterfly Beach is the way to go. North of the popular Palolem Beach, Butterfly is a semi-circular beach which is accessible via a boat ride from Palolem or Agonda. For the more adventurous traveller, a tough, two-hour trek from Palolem is an option, and since no vehicles can make it through this route, Butterfly Beach can be a great spot for some alone time.
This beach is a great spot for spotting eponymous butterflies and a host of marine life. The secluded coast means that dolphins can often be seen frolicking in the water, undisturbed by the noise tourists spread across the rest of Goa’s beaches. The white sands and clear blue waters of Butterfly Beach are perfect for watching a peaceful sunset. Because the beach is so remote, the closest restaurants and accommodation can only be found in Palolem or Agonda.  So if you want to spend multiple days in Butterfly’s peace and quiet, pick your lodging in these places for easy access. 
Guitar Island, Andaman

An island shaped like a guitar is enough to arouse the interest of any adventure-seeking traveller. It’s the jaw-dropping beauty of its pristine waters and the complete seclusion that makes Guitar Island a unique experience. Travellers can enjoy snorkelling and sea walk to take in the stunning aquatic life and corals in the shallow waters off the island’s coast. Kayaking through mangroves is another activity that visitors can spend the day engaging in. You can also take a nature walk through the island’s empty forests to the lake that forms the ‘soundhole’ of the guitar.
The island has no infrastructure; no restaurants or accommodation, and camping is not allowed, so you can only do a day trip. Limited accommodation is available on close-by Long Island (which itself is accessible by a ferry from Havelock Island that plies every alternate day). Not the easiest place to reach, but that’s what makes a visit to Guitar Island so special. 
Gahirmatha Beach, Odisha
Nestled within Odisha’s mangrove forests lies Gahirmatha Beach, a secluded spot on India’s east coast. The mangrove forests lying between the beach and the city keep the hustle and bustle at bay, allowing travellers to relax and unwind without being disturbed. The beach is close to the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary, famous for housing millions of Olive Ridley sea turtles during their breeding period (from October to May). You can also head out to the nearby Bhitarkanika National Park.
Olive Ridley Turtles sprawled out in the sand
The beach is accessible via a boat ride through mangroves. Accommodation is available on the city side of the forest in the form of a number of village and jungle resorts. The location is far from any creature comforts, you will have to venture into the city to get that.
Tilmati Beach, Karnataka
The black sands of Tilmati Beach are in complete contrast to the silver sands of Goa’s Palolem beach to its North and Majali beach to its south, and so is the experience. Away from the crowds and watersports of its neighbouring beaches, Tilmati is a secluded spot with not much to do besides throwing up your feet and enjoying the tranquillity of the waves crashing against the shore. Aside from the local fisherman and the odd adventurous traveller, you’ll have the black-sand beach all to yourself.
Getting there means a quick trek from Majali beach, about a kilometre away, which is also where you’ll find the closest accommodation in the form of small beachside inns and homestays through Karwar is close to Majali and lodging and civilisation can be promptly returned to. The more adventurous of the lot may choose to camp out on Tilmati itself, but beware of the bugs!
Happy Travelling!!!!

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