Where You Can Play and Watch, Royal Polo In India

India is the birth palace of Polo. In  Manipur is the Place of the modern game, where the game is known as ‘Sagol Kangjei’, ‘Kanjai-bazee’ and ‘Pulu. Polo is Lesser famous because of other sports glamour, You Know More than 20 Cities has polo clubs and association in India where you can play polo. 
Here Are the 8 places where you can go and enjoy polo.
  1.  Manipur – The Birth Places Of Polo Polo
  2. Jaipur: Play Like a Royal
  3. New Delhi: A Polo Experience to Have for a Lifetime
  4. Gurgaon: Only Polo Ground that has a Connection With Bollywood
  5. Meerut: Lesser-Known, But an Excellent Place for Polo
  6. Ladakh: Place where Hosting a Polo Festival
  7. Noida: Two Elite Polo Clubs Kolkata: One of the Oldest Polo Clubs
  8. Kolkata: One of the Oldest Polo Clubs


1. Manipur – The Birth Places Of Polo Polo
Manipur is the motherland of Polo, the city is still one of the oldest plains in the world. The state hosts Polo every year during the time of Sangai Festival celebrated most by international polo tourism. Where teams from all over the world come to participate. Fascinating Isn’t it? You can get permission from Polo association to play polo those Clubs. All Polo grounds are built under Royal  Patronage.

2. Jaipur: Play Like a Royal

From the ancient time, Jaipur is the ideal destination for Polo in India, Now Polo is a tradition. Evidently, the ”Pink City” house is one of the best and Royal ground in India. Maharaja Man Singh Built II Built a Polo ground, which is located next to Rambagh Palace. The Perfect Palace for ultimate Royal Polo Experience.

3. New Delhi: A polo Experience to have for a Lifetime
In India Playing Poli is always Fascinating, especially when you’re in the capital city, New Delhi. Giving you some real adventure of the game, Army Polo & Riding Club and Aspen Riding Club And Polo Academy are the Best Places for the polo players in India.

4. Gurgaon: Only Palace Ground that has a connection with Bollywood

Just few-hours drive away from Delhi, there are some amazing polo clubs and grounds. One place where you can have some enthralling experience of this admiring sport is Gurgaon Polo and Equestrian Club. Nurtured in the lap of Aravali Hills, this place is a perfect place to spend some hours in equestrian activities or in playing Polo. Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda is the founder of this amazing palace.
5. Meerut: Lesser-Known, But an Excellent Place for Polo
This city is almost unknown and also amongst the Perfect destinations in Merrut for Polo Professional players. RVC Polo Club is the place where one can be a part of this fascinating game. Both professional and beginners polo players can be seen practising.
6.  Ladakh: Place where Hosting a Polo Festival
Undoubtedly is one such destination Ladhak, which completes every traveller’s bucket list. Polo in Ladakh is a local game and has been serving as a major part in Ladakh tourism. This is a six-day long festival held at Shagaran Chuchot, Leh, Ladakh and is a perfect event for all the polo players. Polo the state is a popular tourist place in India.
7. Noida: Two Elite Polo Clubs
Noida is just a few miles away from Delhi. Jindal Polo & Equestrian Foundation and Amity Polo Club are the two elite places for a memorable polo experience in Noida. However, if racing is your thing then no place would better than the Buddh International Circuit to spend an evening in Noida.
8. Kolkata: One of the Oldest Polo Clubs
Kolkata a city of joy, colour and singing and with two popular clubs. First is Calcutta Polo Club and Second Fort William Polo Club. For professional players, these clubs bid some memorable and fun-filled polo experience. Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Indian Museum, Fort William, Marble Palace, Sundarbans, Rabindra Sarovar, Botanical Gardens, Aquatica, Nicco Park, are some of the famous places in Kolkata where you want to spend rest of your time after a game of Polo. 

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