Top Places For Bungee Jumping In India: Let’s your Adventurous Soul fly

1. Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh  

Bungee Jumping is famous in Rishikesh and one of the most prefered bungee sport in India.  the platform is made on rocks cliff and gives you the maximum height make it worth for jump. Rishikesh is the highest point for bungee jumping location in India till date. 

Location – Jumpin Heights, located in Mohan Chatti village, Rishikesh

Cost – INR 3,000 per person
Bungee Jump Height – 83 Mtrs
Minimum Age – 12 years

2. Della Adventure in Lonavala, Maharashtra

You do not have any places to try bungee jumping in Mumbai or Pune. But located halfway between the two, Lonavala is one of the best bungee jumping spots in India. Della Adventures is one of the largest adventure parks in India and bungee jumping is one of the many experiences it has to offer. You must really give bungee jumping in Lonavala a try.

Location – Della Adventures, located in Kunegaon, Lonavala.
Cost – INR 1,500 per person
Bungee Jump Height – 45 Mtrs
Minimum Age  – 10 years

3. Ozone Adventures, Bangalore

When it comes to the non-fixed bungee jumping in India, Ozone Adventures at Bangalore top the charts. Though the management takes utmost care of the safety of people, be warned! Bungee jumping from cranes is still not as safe as is jumping from fixed platforms. So, the thrill of bungee jumping in Bangalore might not be as high, given its moderate height. But the extra danger of the crane jumping is sure to give you that extra adrenaline rush.

Location – Ozone Adventures, located on St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore.
Cost – INR 400 per person
Bungee Jump Height – 25 Mtrs platform suspended from a 40 m high crane.

Minimum Age – 18 years

4. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa

Goa finds mention for anything and everything exciting thing in India. And bungee jumping is no exception. For those who are in Goa, spend your day experiencing the thrill of bungee jumping in Goa at the Anjuna Beach. Since the jumping platform attached to a crane is at a relatively low height, this could well be your first attempt at bungee jumping in India. At what is more? The cost is reasonable too.

Location – Gravity Adventure Zone, located on Anjuna Beach, Goa
Cost – 500 per person
Bungee Jump Height – 25 Mtrs
Minimum Age – 14 years

5. Sea Water, Goa

Sea Water Sports at Goa offers one of the best places to try your first ever bungee jumping experience. This is an extremely safe option with the venue having a number of very experienced and trained instructors which make you feel at ease and would keep guiding you. One of the best parts about this venue is its accreditation with STANZ (Standard of Australia New Zealand).
The best part of this venue is the availability of different packages to suit one needs – there are custom packages if you are travelling with your family, with your friends, for kids and for corporate. These packages usually chilled beer to relax you after your jump along with delicious lunch or breakfast. Unlimited soft drinks are complimentary here.

Location – Flysports Adventure Park, Vadawal, Latambarcem, Goa 
Cost – 2500 per person
Bungee Jump Height – 70 Mtrs
Minimum Age – 14 years

Happy Bungee Jumping!!!

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