How to make a magnificent butterfly garden in your balcony

You can start a butterfly park of your own! While you and your family can enjoy the proximity of nature, you can do your job to raise awareness about butterfly conservation and their conservation.

How to design a butterfly garden?

The first thing is that you want to design a butterfly garden. For this, you will need to know more about native butterfly species to understand more adaptable and “easy” species. You will also want to know about the flowers and plants on which they lay eggs. However, you do not have an acre of land for this. So your backyard, balcony and garden are enough to host butterflies during every season. 

What kind of flowers will be required?

If you do not want to read the Ready-Made Butterfly Kit, then you need three types of plants and flowers in your garden. One, where female butterflies lay their eggs. These plants are also called butterfly host plants. Second, the larvae will eat and thirdly, the nectar they will feed themselves.
Always remember that butterfly gardening should be done by region to increase the chances of butterflies surviving. You will need an estimate of space because you have to know how much plants grow and their length. You cannot grow them too much because it will eventually develop unwanted pests and mites and not butterflies. If you are starting it from scratch, you also need to learn sowing bulbs and plant techniques.

Once you apply caterpillars to the soil, you need to clean them regularly. Without disturbing them. Otherwise, they may die because you are bothering them too much or due to faked material, which can cause suffocation and mould development, both of which are harmful to their health. If you find the caterpillar dull, it may be due to two things. Either they are preparing to ensure that the pupa has enough space and slot so that when it breaks and a full butterfly comes out, it can easily leave the immediate nectar source. To know the transition you have to understand the difference between the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle and provide them with better growth opportunities as they change from an egg to a larva and so on. So, it takes a lot of research and study on your behalf!

The most important is how to attract butterflies?

You can also deck the butterfly garden with garden decorations to attract birds and bees that keep the birds away and give the butterflies the perfect environment as well as protect them from the weather and wind. Once the butterflies leave the pupa, some of them will fly away. Chances are, all of them can fly too far, you wonder what went wrong! 
But since you have provided them with natural habitat, you will not have to worry about busyness. Just keep the doors open, stirring and heart big!

Happy Mini Butterfly Garden!!!

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